by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
9:36 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
9:31 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by TommyCarlier
Nov 1, 2010
3:50 PM

- Added Unit (represents empty unit type)
- Added IResult/IResult<T>/ResultHandler/ResultHandler<T>/Result (to support asynchronous operations)
- Added IExecutionContext/ExecutionContext (to support executing actions on different threads)

by TommyCarlier
Mar 14, 2010
3:07 PM

Updated all the Copyright headers to include the year 2010.

by TommyCarlier
Mar 14, 2010
2:55 PM

- Added ConvertGuid
- Removed references to System.Data from TC.Core and TC.WinForms
- Added new projects TC.Data and TC.Data.AdoNet
- Moved common parts of AssemblyInfo.cs from the projects to SolutionInfo.cs
- Moved "Code Snippets" from TC.Core to "Solution Items"
- Changed the Project References: set "Copy Local" to false (because they all compile to TC/bin/Release, and setting "Copy Local" to true would overwrite the Release-compiled version of TC.Core with the old Debug-compiled version).

by TommyCarlier
Dec 24, 2009
2:12 PM

by TommyCarlier
Dec 24, 2009
2:12 PM

- Animator.Animation<TTarget, TValue>: made _propertySetter, _target and _interpolator readonly (suggested by NDepend)
- Interpolators: changed _defaultInterpolators from Dictionary<Type, Delegate> to IDictionary<Type, Delegate> (suggested by NDepend)
- ListItemRenderer: bug fix in MeasureItemCore
- Changed ConvertDateTime.ToDataString: the format is now extracted from the DateTime value (also removed DateTimeComponents)
- StringUtilities: changed implementation of IsEmpty and IsNotEmpty (no longer calls string.IsNullOrEmpty, but checks for null and length itself)
- StringUtilities: renamed IsEmpty and IsNotEmpty to IsNullOrEmpty and IsNotNullOrEmpty
- Made some layout changes, suggested by StyleCop

by TommyCarlier
(1 download)
Nov 8, 2009
10:13 AM

- Refactored ConvertString: split into multiple classes, renamed the methods and turned them into extension methods.

by TommyCarlier
Oct 18, 2009
1:07 PM

- StringUtilities: added IsEmpty(s), IsNotEmpty(s) and AppendIfNotEmpty
(output, s)

- replaced calls to string.IsNullOrEmpty(s) with s.IsEmpty() and calls to !string.IsNullOrEmpty(s) with s.IsNotEmpty
- CollectionUtilities: added GetValue(collection, key) and GetValue(collection, key, defaultValue)
- replaced certain calls to TryGetValue with GetValue
- CollectionUtilities: added IsEmpty(collection) and HasItems(collection)
- replaced certain calls to collection.Count with collection.IsEmpty() or collection.HasItems()
- ListControlUtilities: added IsEmpty(control) and HasItems(control)
- Interpolators: made InitializeInterpolators more compact and readable
- ControlUtilities: renamed SetWindowThemeImpl to SetWindowThemeCore

by TommyCarlier
(1 download)
Oct 18, 2009
10:29 AM

- Added StringUtilities.Contains(string, string, StringComparison)
- Split certain comments over multiple lines, so you don't have to scroll horizontally to read the entire comment

by TommyCarlier
Jun 28, 2009
10:54 AM

- Refactored the following iterators so the argument validation happens immediately instead of deferred (moved functionality to separate private methods):
-- CollectionUtilities: Convert<TInput, TOutput>, ToGeneric<T>
-- ReflectionUtilities: GetAttributes<TAttribute>
-- StringUtilities: SkipEmpty, Trim
- Renamed some private methods from *Internal to *Core
- Added extra comments
- TToolStripRenderer.FillAndStrokeButtonBackground: uses Brushes.White instead of creating a new SolidBrush each time
- StringUtilities: renamed str to value, firstChar to firstCharacter and lastChar to lastCharacter in StartsWith and EndsWith (suggested by Code Analysis)
- TTextControl.PaintNonClientRegion: used the result of NativeMethods.ExcludeClipRect to determine whether to draw the parent background (suggested by Code Analysis)
- NativeMethods.DeviceContext: made the code more robust by wrapping the internal HDC into a separate class that derives from SafeHandle (suggested by Code Analysis)
- ListItemRenderer.DrawShinySelectedItemBackground: extracted the calculation of the light color into a separate method

by TommyCarlier
(1 download)
Jun 19, 2009
6:40 PM

- Added TButton, TCheckBox, TRadioButton
- Refactored TCommandButton to inherit from TButton
- DialogResultButton: now uses a Button-class inherited from TButton
- Refactored SystemIconBox: moved to namespace TC.WinForms.Controls, renamed to TSystemIconBox, changed the base-class to Control and let it handle all the layout and painting itself
- THorizontalRule: enhanced the visual style of the control
- TDialogContentControl: enhanced the visual style of the bottom border

by TommyCarlier
May 27, 2009
7:18 PM

- ListItemRenderer: corrected some of the comments
- changed the naming convention for private members (fields and local variables)

by TommyCarlier
May 22, 2009
3:02 PM

- StringUtilities: added StartsWith(s, c) and EndsWith(s, c)
- Added TTextControl, TTextEditor and TPlainTextEditor
- Refactored TCodeEditor (moved a lot of code to new base classes)
- TTextControl: border is now rendered using visual styles if supported

by TommyCarlier
May 17, 2009
6:31 PM

- TDialog: fixed a visual glitch (flickering when showing a dialog)
- DrawingUtilities: added functions CreateShinyVerticalGradientBrush, CreateSigmaBellGradientBrush, DrawSigmaBellGradient and CreateRoundedRectanglePath
- Enhanced the toolstrip rendering (and uses the system renderer when the OS uses high contrast display)
- THorizontalRule: enhanced the visual style of the control
- TDialogContentControl: enhanced the visual style of the bottom line
- Added ListControlUtilities, ListItemRenderer and ListItemRenderer<TItem>
- Replace TImageTextComboBox with TComboBox and TComboBox<TItem>
- Added TListBox and TListBox<TItem>
- TTreeView: replaced "Loading..." (three dots) with "Loading…" (single ellipsis character)

by TommyCarlier
Apr 5, 2009
12:15 PM

- TC.ConvertString: BooleanEquals now uses "Equals(x, y)" instead of "Compare(x, y) == 0" for the comparisons
- Changed all the header comments: replaced "" and "" with ""
- Added missing header comments

by TommyCarlier
Apr 5, 2009
10:55 AM

These changes were made because of suggestions by Code Analysis and StyleCop:
- Refactored the settings API (suggested by Code Analysis)
- TC.ApplicationWebsiteAttribute: renamed DisplayString to Title (suggested by Code Analysis)
- TC.ConvertString: rewrote TryToBoolean (no longer uses a static Dictionary of mappings) and renamed fCulture to fInvariantCulture (more specific)
- TC.WinForms.ControlUtilities: made SetWindowThemeImpl more robust by checking the return value of NativeMethods.SetWindowTheme
- TC.WinForms.Animation.Interpolators: refactored the initialization code (suggested by Code Analysis)
- TC.WinForms.Controls.TCodeEditor: made the SystemFont property implicit
- TC.WinForms.Controls.TTreeNode: added the Serializable attribute because its base class implements ISerializable (suggested by Code Analysis)
- TC.WinForms.Controls.TTreeView: added the SecurityPermission attribute to CreateParams to match that of the base class (suggested by Code Analysis)
- TC.WinForms.Dialogs.DialogResultButton: refactored OK, Cancel, Yes and No into static properties that create new instances (because DialogResultButton is not immutable)
- TC.WinForms.Dialogs.DialogValidationException: implemented this exception class according to the guidelines
- TC.WinForms.Forms.TForm: made the SystemFont property implicit
- Renamed to *Utils classes to *Utilities (suggested by Code Analysis)
- suppressed certain Code Analysis warnings (all justified)

by TommyCarlier
Apr 5, 2009
8:20 AM

Initial Check-in

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